10 Ways Intuition Balances Emotions

by | Mar 18, 2020 | Emotional Balance

I ntuition restores balance to the whole mind, body and spirit by mediating the relationship between the heart and the mind, neutralizing negative mind projections which are fueled by our doubt and fear, and reconnecting us to our true self.

Our culture is biased toward a logical, mind-driven perspective of life. It is hard not to be enmeshed with this limited view of our life experience. We forget that when we access intuition our natural balance is restored. Accessing intuition is a powerful way to balance your emotions, to clear old thought patterns and reconnect with a vision of the world that the mind cannot fathom.

Here are some of the ways that accessing intuition balances emotions, despite the mind’s doubts.

  1. When you listen to intuition through the heart center you increase the heart energy field and clear blocked heart energy which stabilizes emotions, increasing your ability to cope with strong emotions.
  2. In accessing intuition you calm the mind to listen to the heart center which reduces monkey-mind tendencies and discombobulated emotions.
  3. Many of us are distracted by the judgments, opinions and expectations of others. Tuning into your deeper instincts and guidance helps you to tune out other people’s energy that is being imposed on you, giving you emotional space.
  4. As you connect to the body more deeply to listen to intuition you become more aware of mental patterns of worry and obsession that take you away from your connection to your true self.
  5. Empaths have a heightened ability to sense the emotions of others. When you learn to tune into your intuition and inner listening more deeply, it helps you to discern what is yours and what is other people’s energy and emotions. Then you can make a choice to separate and clear the energy.
  6. When you have listened for a long time to your mind and denied your deeper instincts this leads to strong negative beliefs about yourself and reduces your self esteem. Listening to your intuition reconnects and strengthens your self belief.
  7. The mind and the ego are in cahoots. They love to control how you live your life. When you are more deeply connected with intuition, the ego is less obnoxious and the mind less dominant.
  8. When you access your intuition you often find lost parts of yourself. In integrating these lost parts you feel more whole, and it balances the grief that you can experience from rejecting different parts of yourself.
  9. We live in a society that gets angry, resentful and uncomfortable when we talk about intuition. When you are afraid to access your intuition because of the responses of others, you put your life direction in the hands of others. When you choose to access your intuition, you reclaim control of the direction of your life.
  10. When you listen to your intuitive nature you get access to information in the form of thoughts, images, body sensations and things that you just know, but don’t have an explanation for. Often the information can be used to help you navigate challenging situations in your life. With deep listening you are able to access alternative solutions to situations that you have felt stuck around. Intuition helps free up stuck emotional energy and limiting behavior patterns.


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