Overwhelm & Toxic Self Talk

by | Mar 18, 2020 | Identity and Heartflow

I n our daily lives we are inundated with sensory input and for people who are highly sensitive and find it difficult to filter this barrage to the senses it can be overwhelming. The simple act of living in a busy city can cause a strong and unrelenting stress response manifesting as edginess, anxiety, depression, and for some triggers PTSD symptoms.

What I am noticing is that even for those of us that are aware that we are highly sensitive, there is still an abundance of self judgment about our sensitivity to emotions, energies and sensory input. It is this self judgment that seems to do a lot of damage because we resist the reality of the overwhelm.

Self talk, judging yourself, and putting high expectations on yourself in terms of how much you can cope with is equivalent to abusing yourself. We are all aware of the importance of being realistic about toxic relationships with others, but often we are in a toxic relationship with ourselves.
In your meditation practice, heart writing practice, or during self reflection whilst out on a walk, think about how you are treating yourself. Are you putting high expectations on yourself? Do you need more sensory space? Are you overwhelmed, and if you are, are you willing to reduce your exposure to busy, hectic environments?


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