Relaxing the Emotional Heart

by | Sep 21, 2020 | Identity and Heartflow

With the tensions and emotions of our world there can be a toll on the heart, and emotions can get stuck in the heart. When we listen to the heart and connect to the heart burden of so much pain in the world, our mind and our ego may perceive this as too much for the heart to bear. There is a value in working with our ability to be present and witness the heart, to unburden the heart, and reassess our beliefs about the heart.

Instead of believing that our heart is limited, weak, going to break, unable to cope, overwhelmed, overtaxed, we can flip the perspective to see the heart as having fundamental capacity to hold many varied emotions.

The heart is resilient, and in the deeper connection that we get to the heart through meditation, we are able to access our spiritual self. The tumultuous emotions are sometimes paving the way for our connection to the heart and our higher selves.

When we see the heart as a boundless energetic presence facilitating our connection to higher awareness, we have the capacity to strengthen our heart connection as a method to balance our emotions and relax the heart, enhancing the heart’s capacity to witness pain and also to be filled with joy and love.

How do we relax the heart?

Heart meditation is an essential skill of heart connection, body connection, and connection to spirit. This practice helps us to be more energetically balanced, particularly if we are dealing with powerful emotions.

Heart & Body Connection Meditation – 3 / 5 / 10+ mins

You can do the meditation seated on the floor, in a chair, or laying down. This is a tool you could also utilise whilst sitting in the car when not driving. A good timer on the phone is called “Insight Timer”.

  1. Hand on heart center (mid chest, over upper lungs), & hand on lower belly. Breathe.
  2. Energy Bubble – Bring awareness to your personal space, your energy bubble that extends on average your arms length or 3-4 feet all the way around you. For some it extends less, and others quite a bit further.
  3. Allow any tension in the body and in the energy space to release to the earth. Let this be the intention. Breathe.
  4. Continue breathing, noticing the breath in and out, allowing the breath to follow its own rhythm.
  5. Observe the sensations of the body without attachment. Allow yourself to observe and not force feelings away, or even force yourself to look at the feelings.
  6. Set the intention to clean and clear the energies in the body, releasing denser emotions and energies in your energy bubble. Release to the earth which transforms denser energies.
  7. Notice the hand on the heart, hand on lower belly as you transition into an awareness of your surroundings as you complete the period of meditation you chose. Wiggle fingers and toes. Move slowly as you transition out of the meditation.

During the heart and body connection meditation we utilise an introspective practice in which we listen to our body, and look more deeply at our inner world. The purpose is to observe emotions without attachment, and connect to inner harmony, even briefly. Our inner harmony can be achieved by accepting our emotions, however complicated.


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