Daring to Open the Can of Worms

by | Oct 1, 2020 | Emotional Balance

Accessing the heart and our emotional world is often a source of fear and dread, triggering deep fear of the unknown. We fear that we will lose control of ourselves and our emotions. It is the penultimate can of worms. Fundamentally we are afraid of ourselves and what we will find if we do stop and listen to what our inner world has to say. It is overwhelming.

When we dare to open the can of worms, we open to accessing not just our emotional world but also our soul self or higher self. Opening the can of worms gives us access to our inner world, and an opportunity to develop more skills in understanding ourselves, strengthening the relationship to our higher self, and integrating more understanding of our life experiences.

Embarking on a potent and powerful journey, we commit to accessing our conscious and subconscious worlds, navigating our vulnerability, connecting to feelings and experiences, beliefs and judgments, and memories. Connection and inner listening is more important than decoding, establishing a strong inner observer, establishing the beginnings of the ability to hear the higher self.

On the journey we tune into the messages from the body, information from our minds eye, thoughts and insights that seem to arise from nowhere, and felt sense or deeper inner knowing, that for many is accessed through the heart space, the gut or other parts of the body.

As we explore our inner world with the intention of understanding ourselves, accessing intuition, and strengthening the skill of inner listening, we will encounter our emotions. Uncomfortable, big emotions. Medium sized emotions. Large charged emotions, and unexpectedly insignificant emotions.

During inner work we are not taken on a linear path; inevitably we uncover interwoven information. The inner observer, the part of us that can be neutral in observing even quite charged emotions, has the ability to witness our feelings, whilst also connecting to our higher self.

Emotions spark intuition. Deeper messages and inner guidance can be accessed when we establish the skill to find greater emotional neutrality. When we get past the emotional blocks and obstacles, and work on the skills of connecting to the body, strengthening our connection to the heart space, we find that we have more ability to come to a place of calm. From this place we realise that the worms are not what they first appeared to be. They are a way for us to connect deeply within ourselves.


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