Your Love-bubble & Support Circles!

by | May 12, 2022 | Identity and Heartflow

Our love-bubble is a vibrant circle of energy enveloping us which is connected to our essential self through the heart energy center or the heart chakra in the center of the chest. By presencing the love-bubble we have increased love-bubble strength and vitality which helps us feel safer and more protected.

Our support circles – family, friends, people in the community or therapists – are critical in validating and honoring your love-bubble. Your love-bubble is energised and strengthened by respect. A circle of support honors the love bubble reducing feelings of anxiety and depression. We feel seen!

A deflated love-bubble is often present when you are around people with little or no awareness of your space. I am often acutely aware of people bumping into me, leaning in close with glazed eyes, standing very close behind me in a queue, filling the room with their mood with the pressure of a balloon about to pop, becoming heightened in their emotions and trying to draw me into a conversation about things they hate or dislike, and assuming I also hate or dislike the thing that they do. This often leaves me with a sense of being pushed around and poked repeatedly.

Strengthening your love bubble develops a stronger sense of your connection to self and ability to perceive your deep inner yes. It helps us gain increased awareness of our body, the energy flow through and around the body, and a confident connection to your love-bubble space which makes you feel calmer and more at ease. With a stronger sense of our space we are more able to choose the environments that strengthen rather than drain us.

MEDITATION: Visualising Your Love-Bubble

Placing a hand over the center of the chest, the heart energy center, and the other hand over the lower belly below the belly button, with your eyes closed visualise a circle around you that extends at least an arms length away from our body encircling us. The space is filled by light bright energy. This space around you is like a cushion of energy which is a part of your energy system and holds within core energy frequencies that are a part of you.

Stay with this visualisation or meditation on the love bubble for as long as feels right to you. Visualise the brightness or parts that are dimmer, noticing any changes as you observe your love bubble. Be gentle. Let it be without expectation. Simply witness.