Crystal Mojo: Amping Up Your Intentions

by | May 19, 2022 | Crystals, Manifestation, Meditation

Crystal Mojo: Connecting with rutilated quartz is a way to amplify your energy and speed up manifestation. Above is a rutilated quartz with both gold and red strands. The rutile strands and the clear quartz can assist in manifestation.

Rutilated quartz, clear or smokey, is a programmable crystal. When meditating with a rutilated quartz connect to your intention, and then in your mind connect with the rutile strands within the crystal. For some they notice an electric feeling, a strong energy connection which sometimes is noticed as slight dizziness or buzzing in different parts of the body. If you are using a smoky rutilated quartz, this will help with grounding and bringing your intention into physical form.

Take the time to sit in meditation with the crystal, allowing the energy of the crystal to connect and infuse your intention with light bright energy. You can sit in meditation anywhere from 5–20+ mins. When you feel complete, come back into your body, wiggling fingers, toes, reconnecting with your physical body. Journaling about your impressions after meditation is useful in processing and recording intuitive messages.

Returning to a strong connection to the body and the heart centre helps with the integration of mind, body and spirit. Notice the feeling of connection to the amped up intention of what you want to manifest. You are grounded in your physical body and connected to earth frequencies. Both are necessary in the manifestation process.