Heart Curiosity Neutralises Judgment

by | May 26, 2022 | Emotional Balance

“Be Curious, Not Judgmental.”

Walt Whitman

There are so many things that can catapult us into the judgment zone, the place where you are certain that the reason you feel irritated is because of what someone else has said or done. It is so easy to project judgment and blame onto others – there are so many people doing stupid things. How can we not judge the stupid, ignorant people all around us who just don’t seem to get it?

In that moment we are so convinced that if only the other person would change, then all of our irritation would disappear, but when judgment has you clenched in its jaws, hungry to blame anyone and everyone, you just end up at the mercy of your own judgment and there is a cost to letting judgment take you over without taking pause.

When your judgmental self is in control, heart energy can’t flow. If heart energy can’t flow we are cut off from our higher wisdom. If we are cut off from our own wisdom then who is in control? Usually the ego. The ego loves to judge everyone. The ego loves to be right. The ego loves to blame everyone else to build itself up.

Contemplating the quote “Be Curious, Not Judgmental” shifts you towards heart curiosity. There is something to be learned when we are triggered by what others say or do. When we have a big response, there is usually something to learn, and often [not always!] the person you are judging isn’t really the issue. Heart curiosity helps clean the muddied lens we are seeing the situation through.

Being curious from a heart connected place neutralises and softens judgment allowing heart energy flows, muscles in the body relax, and you are more receptive and accepting of both yourself and others. Softening judgment and opening to being curious allows your inner voice and inner wisdom to be heard. The voice that says, “It’s okay that you are angry, it’s okay that you are sad, it’s okay that you are confused.”

Often when we are judging others it just means we need to make the space to come back to the heart space and listen, letting yourself settle into the truth of what is really going on, embodying compassion for yourself and others.