Misalignment with Heart-Self

by | Jun 10, 2022 | Emotional Balance

the incorrect arrangement or position of something in relation to something else

Misalignment with the heart-self can make it challenging to perceive your inner yes. It can cause a chronic disconnect from self which makes listening to and observing emotions, thoughts, beliefs, and feelings to support greater emotional balance challenging. The development of our inner observer helps with our ability to align the mind and heart wisdom.

The mind has a tendency to distort the perception of our connection to the heart-self by questioning the validity of this intuitive connection. When the mind becomes fixated on the heart-self flow of wisdom and deems it a problem you can become stuck in fear, and it obscures our ability to access our connection to the heart-self or true self. This connection to heart-self assists us in accessing powerful insights and wisdom.

When the mind interferes in this way, jumping to conclusions with black-and-white certainty, we can find ourselves misaligned with our heart-self or true self. Often we end up in a loop of analysis, generating doubt, fear and anger. This build up of emotions in the body triggers fight and flight patterns and can be hard to diffuse. Confronting the mind can lead to more resistance and activation. A good way to re-establish heart connection is to start with methods to connect to the body.


Connecting to the body

  • Yoga
  • Exercise / stretching
  • Tai Chi/ Qigong – Facilitates flow in energy channels
  • Chakra balancing work
  • Receiving massage or bodywork
  • Acupuncture
  • Walking or running in nature
  • Sitting by a river throwing rocks into the water
  • Journaling – Stream of consciousness to shift the fixed thinking creating space to connect to the body
  • Meditation focused on scanning the body and releasing tension that is noticed

Active ways of connecting to the body can by-pass the mind’s need to control how you connect to the body, facilitating relaxation of the nervous system and activation of the parasympathetic nervous system. This systemic shift helps us in our connection to the heart-self developing skills in heart listening.