Nature Series #1: Heart Connection Increases in Nature

by | Jun 16, 2022 | Emotional Balance, Meditation, Nature Series

When in nature we are surrounded by the flow of energy frequencies that are part of the natural world. The tall forest trees, small clusters of mushrooms, the composting of leaves fallen from the trees pulsing with bacterial activity, the flowing river over rocks, and wildlife bristling all around. Fundamentally we are connected to the life force energy of the earth which also helps us be more attuned to the natural flow of life force energy in the body, including the resonance of the heart.

Qualities of the heart are the consciousness of peace and harmony, and being in nature we become more connected to our spiritual self through this heart connection and a deeper sense of connection to true self. The pulse of the tree can be felt or noticed in the body when we allow ourselves to be still. Noticing the beauty of a sunset or listening to waves crash on the beach relaxes our body. We create a space to be more connected and tuned into the heart space.


Developing Inner Listening

  1. Find a quiet place to sit. It could be on grass under a tree, by water or quiet space that helps you feel connected to nature. It could be in your own garden sitting on a patio chair, on the ground or sitting on a rock.
  2. Hand on heart, hand on lower belly. Take a few minutes to connect to the body. Breathing in, breathing out in a natural rhythm. (2 mins or longer)
  3. Notice the connection to the body with a simple body scan from top of the head down to the toes. With gentle attention, notice the areas that feel tight, or parts of the body that feel vulnerable where emotions are stored. (2 -5 mins).
  4. Shift your attention to your surroundings. As you notice the surroundings, notice the feeling in the body particularly the areas you noticed in the body scan. Examples: shoulders might relax, tension in the head might release, there may be more of an opening in the stomach where emotions are stored. Let yourself “feel” your surroundings. Notice without judgement and attachment. At times the “noticing” of body sensations can make the feeling seem bigger. Let go as you are gently connected to the body and aware of your surroundings. (5+ mins)
    Please note that if emotions do become too intense / overwhelming seek professional support to process these feelings.
  5. As you connect to the body and your surroundings, bring attention to the heart space in the center of the chest. The heart chakra. Without expectation be present to the heart space. Notice without expectation. Be curious. Curiosity helps heart listening. (5+ mins)
  6. When ready to complete the meditation, wriggle fingers and toes. Stretch the body slowly.
  7. Integration: Spend some time journaling your thoughts. What did you notice? How do you feel afterwards? Did the nature connection increase your connection to the heart space? What did you notice in the body? Did you feel physical sensations or did you experience increased energy flow? Did it impact emotions?

This meditation is available to you anytime, as is the opportunity to develop heart connection and inner listening.