Nature Series #2: Zooming in on the Details

by | Jun 24, 2022 | Emotional Balance, Meditation, Nature Series

When in nature zooming in on the details is a way to more deeply connect to your soul self, heart energy and body energies. The details can be observed through the lens of a camera as a part of macro photography, the practice of photographing parts of nature framing close up parts of plants or nature. Alternatively, pausing to observe and be present to the details of nature in real life brings you into the present moment amplifying mindfulness.

Close up details like the intersection between branches, clusters of leaves, overlapping petals of flowers, the junction where the plant emerges from the earth, iridescent colours of flowers or leaves, multicoloured reflections in water, a splash of water created by the duck swimming in the river, the texture of bark on the tree trunk, sun shadows on flowers and light-play in the treetops. There is so much to observe.

When we experience the beauty in nature it connects us to our body and joy. It also activates energies in the heart space as we notice a series of things that generate appreciation, gratitude, and joy. Moving from one thing to another, the experience of zooming in on the details in nature activates and expands the heart energies creating a cascade of positive energy which expands and strengthens the flow of energy.


Zooming in on the Details

  1. Decide on a location to take a walk that immerses you in nature.
  2. Set the intention to “Zoom in on the Details” on your walk and decide how long you will walk (not essential)! Setting a goal of 10+ mins. You can walk for as long as you want.
  3. Take your time walking along either a planned route OR your “zen walk” where you follow your inner yes to guide your walk turning when you feel a “yes”. Let your inner yes guide your walk. There is not wrong answer.
  4. As you walk, listen to your inner yes when it tells you to slow down or STOP.
  5. When you STOP stay longer than you think you need to. If you need support around this set a timer for 3-5 mins at a location you might feel drawn to explore in detail. Notice uncomfortable feelings and allow yourself to stay anyway, noticing the details , documenting by taking photos, or by writing some notes in a journal.
    Note: If your inner yes does not agree, move on!
  6. Visit as many locations as you want, taking photos or simply observing things in detail. Take some notes or plan on writing in a journal about the experience afterwards.
  7. Notice how you feel in your body after the “Zooming in on the Details” walking meditation. Do a simple body scan to notice the sensations in the body, specifically the heart space and the flow of energy in the body.