Nature Series #3: Water, Intuition & Your Inner Power

by | Jun 30, 2022 | Emotional Balance, Meditation, Nature Series

Attunement with water helps release stress, tension, overthinking, excessive worry, heightened anger, deep hurt feelings and sadness, and the boundless quality of grief. This cooling of turbulent emotions can be a relief and helps you gain insight into what emotions might be blocking the access to your inner power and deeper intuitive skills.

Calming the impact of an overactive nervous system through our relationship water helps us see things and feel things with more clarity. When this is partnered with conscious heart connection, we feel more connected to ourselves in a more flowing way. Accessing our intuitive rhythms is a superpower associated with attuning to water. The flow of water helps you attune to yourself and the intuitive heart space when in meditation.

Water can also be associated with deep fear and connecting with water can amplify that feeling. When working with clients, water imagery enables connection to layers of fear as a way of neutralising, understanding your fear, and releasing clusters of emotions associated with fear. For example, for a client the surface of fear could be associated with the ripples on the surface of water, with the depth below experienced as a deeper fear. For others the awareness of darkness below the surface can trigger a fear of the unknown.

As we work with the layers of fear, the reasons for those fears can come to the surface. Beliefs, thoughts, and internal programming around our inner power. This gives us more access to both our personal power as the fear releases and can open intuitive channels, deepening inner listening.

Please access help in the form of a counselor or doctor if introspection around water causes intense feelings of fear or panic.


Meditating By Water

  1. Find a body of water that you feel drawn to and find a place to sit by the water either on a bench looking out at the water, on a blanket sitting on sand by the sea, or sitting on a grassy bank overlooking a river.
  2. Connect to the body, breathing with a steady rhythm, noticing your connection to the present moment.
  3. Scan the body from head to toe, slowly. Notice any tension or heightened emotions and where they are located in the body.
  4. With a hand on the heart space (centre of the chest) and on lower belly (below the belly button) notice the water – what it looks like, the colour, any reflections, the sound of the water, the speed of its movement, any other birdlife nearby. Tune into the water noticing how it feels in your body. Is it calming? Does it create some unrest?
  5. Sit in meditation feeling into the rhythm of the water and surroundings. Notice any changes with a simple body scan from head to toe. No need to overanalyse, but notice any changes.
  6. Take time to wriggle fingers and toes, increasing awareness of the body whilst noticing any relaxation or calming of the nervous system that has occurred.
  7. Optional: Take time to write in a journal about the experience. Were you most drawn to the surface of the water, the movement, the depth / darkness of the water, the movement around the water of people or birdlife. Where did your attention go? Were you aware of surface fear or a deeper, shadowy fear in the depths?