Crystal Mojo :: Amethyst

by | Jul 7, 2022 | Crystals

Amethyst is a high vibration stone which connects you to spiritual energy. It is a protective stone which protects you from psychic attack and negative environmental energies. This stone heals and clears your energy whilst calming and restoring peace. Specifically balances anger, rage, fear, edgy anxiety, calibrating grief and aiding in letting go.

Personally, I love this stone! I wore amethyst earrings for a substantial part of my twenties! Great go-to stone! #crystals #crystalhealing


  • Bra crystals or crystal on a long chain so that it sits near the center of the chest or a little higher. Helps heart connection and balancing of emotions. Helps inner listening.
  • Crystal in your pocket for pulling out and holding for spontaneous (or planned) moment of meditation. Simply holding in your hand, over your heart or lower belly, connecting to the body, allowing breathing to settle into a natural rhythm.
  • Boundary awareness – Use amethyst to bring awareness to your bubble and your space, strengthening this energy by simply connecting to the crystal and setting the intention to be supported by the energy of the amethyst. Notice the energy flow in the body as it relates to protection and defense using the energy of the amethyst to clear blocked feelings and strengthen protective energies.
  • Use multiple pieces of amethyst placed in front of you forming a semi circle! Use this formation to energise whilst journaling or meditating. Incorporate other crystals into your arrangement of crystals and other precious symbolic items like feathers and singing bowls. Spiritual tools and rituals strengthen your inner listening.