Identify Your Sensory & Body Signals of Inner Yes!

by | Jul 21, 2022 | Emotional Balance, Meditation


Listening to the body helps us to notice our inner yes. Signals can vary from a subtle tingling in your face, to a lightness in the chest, to a gurgling in the upper stomach or even a feeling like an open door in the center of the chest. Our inner yes typically feels good or feels right. There is an inner knowing, a feeling of flow, and sometimes heightened energy flow in the body. You might get visual input in the form of colours

In my experience as we tune into the subtle body sensations that indicate either our inner yes or our inner no, stories have been unexpected and unpredictable showing that there is so much uniqueness to the personal experience of Pineapple Yes!

Self Connection

Self connection is a large part of tuning into our inner yes. Tuning into the body and our inner yes, we start with the heart bubble meditation. This brings us into self connection with the hand over the center of the chest and a hand on the lower belly. We notice the bubble or space around us, imagining a bubble or edge an arms length in front of us that encircles us all the way around. As we notice if our bubble is intact, this helps us to tune into our body sensations, and creates an awareness of where our body and space ends and our environment begins.


The Bodies Signals of YES

  1. With our hand on the heart space in the center of the chest, and the other hand on lower belly, we are able to soothe the nervous system and a parasympathetic nervous system response occurs – some people take a deeper breath, there is a reduction in anxiety felt in the body-mind, and some subtle reduction in tension felt in the muscles of the body. Connection to the body starts to deepen our ability to tune into the somatosensory signals of the body, and sink into inner listening.
  2. With the intention to listen to your bodies signals of inner yes, simply set the intention to listen to the body with gentle curiosity. Be in a relaxed space like you would for a period of meditation. Don’t put pressure on yourself. Simply intend to observe the signals of yes.
  3. Think of a simple example of something that is a clear yes for you. It can be something you like to eat, a favourite place, a favourite tree or body or water, or an experience that is a clear yes like playing sports. You could also contemplate a favourite crystal that is a clear “yes”.
  4. Sink into a simple rhythm of breathing , think about your favourite crystal or thing that is a clear yes. Spend some time observing subtle body signals of yes.
  5. Scan the body – Starting at the top of the head and moving down through neck, shoulders, arms, chest, upper and lower stomach, back, hips/ pelvis, through upper legs, knees, lower legs, ankles and feet. Notice what draws your attention. Return to your object that is a clear “yes” and see if there is a response in the body. It is okay you only notice small sensations in the body. Small is still a response.
  6. Heart Center – Notice the area in the center of the chest. Notice with a gentle curiosity. Is it tight and constricted or open and flowing? Do you see images in your mind? How does your inner yes manifest in the heart center?
  7. When you complete this contemplation of your inner yes, consider bringing in another experience or thing that is an obvious yes for you. Again, breathe, scan the body, and notice the signals in the heart center.
  8. After you are complete spend some time journaling the observations. Consider also processing any feelings like, “I don’t know what I am doing?” “What does it mean?” “I didn’t really notice anything.” “I think I am making it up.” Allow yourself to move through this and still ask the question: “What did I notice?”
  9. Allow yourself to be in a place of development. Be gentle with yourself. Look for the successes in the experience. Simple observations like:
    • Deeper breathing.
    • Buzzing in the chest.
    • A funny feeling in my pinkie finger.
    • A visual of a yellow light when you thought about the heart space.
    • A sound that didn’t even seem to be a sound noticed in your ears.
    • Increased saliva production.
    • Tingling in your back.
    • A thought or “knowing” that pops up when you contemplate your inner yes.

Allow yourself to notice the body signals of your inner yes. Notice if there is a consistent central response that you notice. The most simple, small sensation helps you build trust in the connection to your inner yes.