The Scary Pineapple Story

by | Aug 4, 2022 | Crystals, Emotional Balance, Meditation

When my son was 7 years old he had a period of night terrors where he would wake up and talk in his sleep. Even calling his name did not wake him when he was deep in a dream. One night he woke up, sat bolt upright, and said, “Scary!”. He looked terrified. I tried to wake him but he would not wake up. His eyes were open staring into the distance. Next he said, “Pineapple!” with a tremulous voice. I was confused. Pineapple was his favourite fruit. Pineapples were not scary, and I could not imagine how it could be scary. He slammed his little body back on the bed and went to sleep.

The next morning I asked if he remembered the dream. He said “No!”. We laughed and he kept saying, “Pineapples aren’t scary!” I agreed. Pineapples might look a little funny but not really scary. He loved pineapples and instead of pineapples being scary, we concluded that pineapples made him feel good, happy, excited, tasted good, and were a big YES for him! Pineapples were clearly a YES for him.

That was the birth of the title for the book I am writing exploring how we listen to our inner yes. “Pineapple Yes” helps us to soothe our anxiety and fears, helping us to tune into our inner yes through the cues in the body and deepening our heart connection, and by listening more deeply we amplify our intuition.

Fear of our inner yes obscures the ability to recognise our inner yes, as the mind takes over, questioning what the body might be quite clearly communicating. This is when an inner yes can feel like a no. Using crystals to stabilise fear can help clear mind blocks and patterns of deep fear of our own inner yes. At times complex, sometimes we weren’t taught to listen to ourselves, and this skill needs to be practiced.


Using Smoky Quartz to Stabilise Fear of Your Inner Yes

  1. Find a piece of smoky quartz to use in meditation with the focus to clear fear and mind blocks to perceiving your inner yes.
  2. Sit in a comfortable position to meditate. Connect to the body and the heart space. Hold your piece of smoky quartz (or more than one!), or if it is a larger piece, place the smoky quartz on your lap or over a part of the body that you are noticing fear or tension. Incorporate other crystals as you feel drawn to. Darker crystals help with clearing denser emotions.
  3. Notice the fear signals. Is there body tension? Are you experiencing anxiety? Are there changes in your breathing? Notice with a gentle curiosity what you are experiencing. Place a hand over the area if that feels right or if you have experience using reiki energy to balance the body and emotions.
  4. Fear of your inner yes — If you have a lot of mind chatter questioning your ability to know your inner yes, acknowledge this fear using the smoky quartz to support the clearing of this fear and mind chatter. Be aware that this might increase the intensity of the mind chatter. Settle into a steady breathing rhythm with a simple intention to release fear, whilst also releasing attachment to change. The change might be small or you may not see a change.
  5. Imagery attached to the fear — In the space of meditation tune into the fear and notice if you see any images in your minds eye. Opening to the unknown or the unexpected we tune into the energy associated with the fear and make any connections to past experiences of our inner yes being denied, or networks of experiences with the same theme of your inner yes being shut down. Focus on releasing the need to suppress your inner yes and clearing fears of inner listening.
  6. With hand on heart and hand on lower belly, come into a connection with the body as fear processes, and conscious connections are made to aspects that might have been unconscious. Acknowledge the perfection of the current timing, accepting the denial of our inner yes, while now energising the clearing of old patterns of fear. Feel your connection to the heart space and your inner yes strengthen.
  7. When you feel complete spend some time journaling your insights regarding the relationship with your inner yes including a list of fears. Release the need to meet the needs of others who might use this as a way to control you. Reclaim your power to embody your inner yes.

NOTE: If the emotion becomes intense or unmanageable seek professional support in the processing of complex emotions.