Heart Listening Beyond Your Emotions

by | Oct 7, 2022 | Identity and Heartflow, Meditation

Heart connection has many facets and as we learn to listen to the heart space we become aware of a deeper wisdom and the way we store emotions in the heart.

Navigating new, raw feelings of sadness and grief can be overwhelming. Putting the hand over the center of the chest and bringing your attention inward, some will notice a surge of emotions. There have been many times with clients when the connection to the heart and deep witnessing results in access to unexpected sadness and grief, an emotional wave, with the feeling that the emotion does not have an end point.

In truth, when we pay attention and presence the heart space we can steady the feelings being witnessed. The initial wave of emotions that might be unfamiliar can knock our confidence making us doubt the value of heart connection and heart listening.


Emotional Connection to the Heart Space

Do you find it difficult to connect to the heart space, making space to listen to what arises, and observing your emotions? Ideally we learn to connect to the heart space and observe with neutrality what arises, but this takes practice.

We often encounter emotions, thoughts and blocks in the process of connecting to the heart which can make you feel a range of feelings.

  • Impatience with emotions, and head fog. It can trigger negative thoughts about the process when what we seek is clarity.
  • Sadness, grief and deep painful emotions. These are emotions that often need professional support to process.
  • Numbness or “no feeling”. This challenge in heart listening or connection to the heart space can feel as frustrating or confusing as the overwhelming flooding of emotion.
  • The mind can become dominant and want to take over the process of heart listening with an over-analysis of sensations and insist on decoding what the feelings mean. Fear drives the obsessive mind that wants to maintain control.
  • Blended anger and fear can be triggered, a response when a subconscious part of you feels threatened as you connect to the heart. This part of you is usually trying to protect you. It can indicate painful emotions that have not been fully explored and are being avoided. Respecting this fear can be important as a part of the journey of heart listening. Professional help is sometimes indicated.



  1. Hand on heart (center of the chest), hand on lower belly. Set a goal that is achievable to connect to the body and listen to what arises in the heart space. 3 min/ 5 min/ 15 min / 30+ min depending on your level of experience.
  2. Notice the feeling of the warmth of your hand over the center of the chest.
  3. Breathing in and out, noticing where your breath goes. Allow yourself to breathe in a steady rhythm.
  4. Feel your connection to the body, scanning from the top of the head through the body to the toes. Notice with curiosity what draws your attention.
  5. Emotions may be felt in the heart or other parts of the body. The stomach, the knees, the neck, the shoulders. Notice without judgement.
  6. Heart connection and heart listening – If it feels accessible, notice the warmth in the hand over the heart space, observe your breathing and let yourself sink into a simple rhythm. You may notice a steadying of emotions, creating space for access to more stillness and peaceful feelings.
  7. As you breathe in and out, feel into a simple rhythm noticing a deepening in your connection to the heart space, and a feeling of peaceful tranquility.
  8. In this space of meditation on the heart space you may see images in your mind’s eye like birds flying in the sky, or thoughts that arise unexpectedly. Notice without judgement what surfaces.
  9. When you are feeling a deeper connection to the heart space – if you have been able to get there – set the intention to connect to higher guidance or higher awareness. You may notice the body feels different when you are in this heart connected space. Higher guidance connection might be subtle.
  10. When we are able to connect more deeply into the heart space, opening to our ability to heart listen , the energy systems are more harmonised which gives us space to access more intuitive guidance. With practice we are able to deepen this practice of inner listening and deeper access to intuitive insights.
  11. Integration – Notice the insights that have arisen as you complete the meditation, returning to an awareness of the body and your surroundings.
  12. Spend some time journaling, holding crystals to support processing, and depending on the experience, be aware that this is a place you can return to in the development of heart listening.

NOTE: It is important to access the help and support to navigate emotional responses, seeking professional support when the emotions are intense and overwhelming, or related to trauma history.