12 Common Blocks to Soul Power

by | May 4, 2023 | Meditation, Soul Power

Soul power is our alignment to universal energy and our ability to live a life guided by universal energies that support the evolution and expansion of the soul for our highest good. A soul-led life.

Soul power is accessed through our body connection, heart space & higher self guiding our deepest desires.

When we are aligned with soul power we are connected to the body and grounded, the nervous system is in a regulated state, and we can access a deeper sense of safety. This high frequency alignment connects us to inner guidance, intuitive guidance and deeply attunes us to our inner yes.

Misperceptions and belief blocks can disrupt our connection to our higher self and source energy. These beliefs and behaviours are common and should not be viewed dogmatically as a reason we cannot or will not be able to access a higher connection. In fact navigating our blocks sometimes helps us to be even more aligned because from a deeply passionate place we reach for the higher connection through the heart space and body connection, learning how to sense into that connection to higher self.

We become increasingly familiar with the felt sense of connection to our higher self and aligned with our soul power and source connection.

Common Blocks to Soul Power

  1. Overthinking / questioning.
  2. Doubt, cynicism, and deep skepticism.
  3. Fear of connecting to the unknown.
  4. Fundamental distrust.
  5. Feeling ungrounded.
  6. Belief that you are unworthy of the connection.
  7. Trauma experiences that make it hard to be in the body. Feeling unsafe.
  8. Punishment experiences when you were in your power either as a child or younger self.
  9. Worry that you will be “too much” if in your true power.
  10. Self consciousness and desire to be small.
  11. Belief that being small keeps you safe.
  12. Abusive relationship experiences in which you were told you were doing something wrong when you were centred, grounded and connected to your higher self increasing the frequency of the abuse.

We don’t need to put pressure on ourselves to be aligned with soul power all the time, particularly if abuse experiences play a role in the disconnection you feel. In fact, presesncing our blocks is a great way to both heal our blocks and increase access to our soul power.

It is through presencing that block that we can release layers or aspects of that block with the intention to align with our soul power. Source connection through our higher self shines love on the block. This is the alchemy superpower of love. It is able to neutralise and disentangle our blocks to help us access more source energy flow.


Clearing Blocks to Soul Connection

  1. Choose a block to focus on. You can choose more than one if there seems to be a cluster and you can hold that focus.
  2. Find a comfortable space for your meditation seated or cross-legged on the floor. Close your eyes and put a hand over the heart and the lower belly settling into a simple focus on the breath.
  3. Feel the connection to the heart space, the body (generally) and your bubble space about an arms length encircling you.
  4. Bring the awareness of the block into the heart space.
  5. Become aware just through knowing that you have access through the heart to the higher self and source energy.
  6. Compassionately allow feeling and surrender the feelings or blocks and allow the flow of love energy to support the transmutation of the block, belief and emotions associated.
  7. Let go of self judgment and need to quantify how successful you have been. Again open to the flow love energy to support this.
  8. Spend 5+ minutes in the meditation. If you can make it to 10+ and even up to 20+ you will undeniably notice some changes. Wiggle fingers and toes as you come out of the meditation. Notice sensations in the body. You might notice energy flowing in the body and heart.
  9. Soul power is accessed in this place of attunement to self.
  10. Take some time to journal with these questions and reflections.

  11. How does my block feel now? Has there been a decrease in intensity.
  12. Do I feel calmer?
  13. Did you notice energy movement in the body?
  14. DId you receive any inner guidance in the form of thoughts, images, sensations or sounds?
  15. Did resistance and overthinking persist?

Know that just by moving through this process you took a powerful step towards deepening your access to soul power. You DID access soul power and source energy even if your mind tells you you didn’t. Notice if the heart affirms this. Subtle heart listening tends to be the more accurate indicator of this connection.