Making Space to Transform Key Blocks to Soul Power

by | May 12, 2023 | Meditation, Soul Power

Misperceptions and belief blocks disrupt our connection to our higher self and source energy. These beliefs, behaviours, stuck emotions and discordant thoughts are common. It is important to befriend and untangle the blocks that we have in accessing our soul power. This can unlock a large amount of energy entangled in resisting our source and soul connection.

When we identify and connect to our blocks, often we need to identify where that block is in the body. Getting to know our blocks by using the body as an access point can amplify the connection to higher self & soul power.

Key Blocks to Soul Power

  • Overthinking / questioning Do you tend to over-analyse and question your connection to your higher self, tending to end up in the mind looping on the same questions but ultimately ending up stuck in a repetitive, disconnected place? For some they will conclude they are just not able to “get it” when it comes to that higher connection. In truth, the mind is running the show, and in truth the access is through the heart and the body connection.
  • Doubt, cynicism, and deep skepticism When the mind is very dominant a deep doubt can develop. The deep doubt fueled by an inner voice or critic can embroil you in the belief that there really is not a “source energy”, that there is no proof, and even when presented with some evidence of others experiences, the inner voice might dismiss these experiences meeting them with deep skepticism.
  • Fear of connecting to the unknown Fundamentally the concept of a higher power triggers fear for many who are uncomfortable with concepts of energy due to the fact that it cannot be seen. The concept of connecting with an unknown force creates anxiety and fear. Some have a specific fear of the power of universal life force or source energy which is our soul power.
  • Fundamental distrust When fear is very dominant maybe because of religious influences early in life (or for a long time) then distrust can be a learned behaviour. It can feel terrifying to trust our own guidance when we have been asked to hand our power over to others rather than embodying our own access to the divine. This can result in a chronic distrust of our ability to access soul power.
  • Feeling ungrounded Being disconnected from the body for a myriad of reasons can make us feel ungrounded. This also can be a consequence of it not being safe for us to be in our own power when we were brought up to believe that people other than ourselves should be in control of us.
  • Belief that you are unworthy of the connection to the body When you believe that the connection to higher self and soul power is so special that the mind deems it as only accessible to certain people, this polarity can mean that feelings of unworthiness and negative voices undermining good feelings cut you off from the belief you can access a higher power.
  • Trauma experiences that make it hard to be in the body. Feeling unsafe. We access our soul power via our connection to the heart energy and the body. If we have experienced abuse – physical, emotional or sexual – this can create a dissociated experience when connected or focusing on the body. If this is the case for you, it is important to be aware of your limits, consult your therapist for further guidance, and only explore further if you have the experience in navigating the trigger of connecting to the body, managing any disassociation.
  • Punishment experiences when you were in your power either as a child or younger self Authoritarian, patriarchal and matriarchal systems that required us to give ourselves over to so-called trusted adults can make it difficult to be in our body. The constant threat of punishment if we betray this authority means that connection to our higher self and soul power can feel very dangerous. As we navigate triggers this deep fear, again, consult a therapist if this feels too dangerous and unsafe to the mind. Be gentle and work with the layers!
  • Worry that you will be “too much” if in your true power Often women, have been raised to be seen and not heard, and to be quiet, soft and gentle. When the good girl persona has been reinforced and rewarded it can feel “bad” to connect to soul power and the feeling of expansiveness this brings with it. For men, if there was an overbearing parent or adult figure, this will also track. Old methods of discipline requiring compliance can result in a misperception of what it means to express yourself fully.
  • Self consciousness and desire to be small In addition to the fear of being too much, patterns of controlling the way that we are perceived, containing and masking big emotions can feel like the only way we can be safe. When we connect to our soul power it might feel very overwhelming. The feeling of expansiveness is unfamiliar and can take some practice to attune to this increased flow of energy in the body.

Journaling to Make Space to Release Blocks to Soul Connection

  1. 5 MIN FOCUSING: Choose a block to focus on. You can choose more than one if there seems to be a cluster and you can hold that focus. OR focus on one then move onto another after the first one you choose.
  2. Find a comfortable space to sit for a brief period of meditation, seated or cross-legged on the floor. Close your eyes and put a hand over the heart and the lower belly settling into a simple focus on the breath.
  3. Feel the connection to the heart space, the body (generally) and your bubble space about an arms length encircling you.
  4. Bring the awareness of the block and notice where in the body draws your attention. If nothing draws your attention, settle attention onto the heart.
  5. Bring a sense of space around this block. A sense of the energy space around the physical part of the body. This energy field and the stuck block in the body. **technique from Dr Joe Dispenza
  6. Become aware just through knowing that you have access through the heart to the higher self and source energy. You are supported to release this block and the associated feelings, beliefs and thoughts.
  7. Compassionately allow – just with thought – yourself to surrender the feelings or blocks and allow the flow of love energy to support the transmutation of the block, belief and emotions associated.
  8. Let go of self judgment and need to quantify how successful you have been. Again open to the flow of love energy to support this.
  9. Spend 5+ minutes in meditation. Longer if it feels right.


Take some time to journal with these questions and reflections.

  1. Write for 1-2 pages about your block. What is the block? Why do you have your block? How long have you had the block? Is there an image associated with your block? If it is abstract how big is it, what colour is it, what texture / material is it made up of?
  2. Is the block ready to shift? Ask the block and write what comes to mind. (this is more abstract and advanced skill so trial the experience without judgment)
  3. What is the lesson learned from the block? When clearing the block and associated emotions we can come to a more neutral place

Know that just by moving through this process you took a powerful step towards deepening your access to soul power. You DID access soul power and source energy even if your mind tells you you didn’t. Notice if the heart affirms this. Subtle heart listening tends to be the more accurate indicator of this connection.